Belsito Communications knows publishing: We’ve been in the business for more than twenty years. With the service-oriented community as our primary focus, we circulate newspapers and magazines to firefighters, EMTs, police, military and healthcare professionals in 26 states, as well as other business-to-consumer publications that deliver results. Since 1993, Belsito Communications has been a leader and innovator in ground-breaking niche publications, and will continue to pave the way with new products in the future.



1st Responder Newspaper

For more than 20 years, 1st Responder Newspaper has proudly served fire, rescue and EMS personnel across the country. Our longest running publication, 1st Responder began in 1993 with one edition in New Jersey. It has since expanded to 20 states with a monthly circulation of more than 250,000. The award-winning publication provides news, features, photos and milestones, highlighting the brave and selfless work in this service-oriented community. The publication also provides a valuable advertising medium for businesses looking to tap into this well-respected market.


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Hospital Newspaper

Hospital Newspaper is the definitive source of local news in the hospital and ancillary health care provider community, delivering information to executives, physicians, nurses and medical support staff. Established in 2004, Hospita.l Newspaper’s diverse content includes news about new facilities and procedures, the accomplishments of physicians, nurses and support staff, inspiring patient stories and lists of new hires. Our print edition serves New York, New Jersey and all of New England with a monthly circulation of 150,000. Hospital Newspaper also serves as a smart outlet for health care facilities to advertise and recruit new talent.


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Healthcare News Magazine

Healthcare News, is published in Westchester County, N.Y. and in Fairfield County, Conn., is a unique publication with a sole focus on local health, fitness and wellness news. Healthcare News is a one-stop resource of readers seeking information to improve the health of themselves and their families. Each month we feature a unique blend of medical news, fitness recommendations, nutrition guides, wellness tips and advice on caring for your family. By sourcing local physicians, fitness experts and other health specialists, our editorial features and sections focus on national health care topics and how they affect your local community. The publication provides advertisers a powerful marketing vehicle to reach a demographic of high income, well-educated and health conscious readers.


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Boomers & Beyond

Boomers & Beyond is published monthly, and distributed as a supplement to Healthcare News in Westchester County, N.Y. and Fairfield County, Conn. This handy pullout is tailored specifically to the generational Baby Boomers and their families. We connect with older adults and seniors, offering news, articles and advice that promote a healthy lifestyle. Topics such as nutrition, senior living, finances and mental health are covered on the pages of this attractive, easy-to-read publication. This segment of the population is experiencing unprecedented growth. Aging Americans are a vibrant part of the community, and they are active consumers. For advertisers, Boomers & Beyond is the perfect avenue for reaching this thriving audience in an affluent market.


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Hudson Valley Retirement Guidebook

Coming soon! Hudson Valley Retirement Guidebook is distributed to thousands of interested readers throughout the region by direct mail and pickup points. Its wide distribution across the Hudson Valley ensures that your advertising message is highly visible. And because our publication is a convenient look-up source for so many retirement-related businesses and services, this consumer’s guide has a shelf life well beyond that of the average newspaper or periodical. Readers turn to Hudson Valley Retirement Guidebook again and again for its useful resources and insightful articles, and are exposed to your message throughout the year.


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